Transferring Active Membership

Moving to a new school? NEHS membership is transferable from one active NEHS chapter to another.

Your student needs to simply get a letter from your current school’s principal or chapter adviser verifying membership. Be sure your student notifies his or her new school of NEHS membership within 30 days of enrollment.

Your student will be automatically granted membership in a school with an active chapter, but will need to meet the eligibility requirements of his or her new school within a reasonable period of time, usually one semester, to maintain membership.  The new school may have a higher cumulative GPA required for membership, for example.

Transferring as a Candidate

If your student has been identified as a candidate for membership, but not yet been selected, the student is not an Honor Society member. Thus, there is no membership to transfer. Your student will need to learn eligibility criteria at the new school and learn from the chapter adviser how to submit a candidate information form to be considered for membership, if he or she meets the chapter’s academic requirement.

Membership in NEHS does not transfer to NJHS. The candidacy and selection processes for NEHS and NJHS are entirely separate for each organization.