How Parents Can Express Concerns

All selection and discipline/dismissal criteria and decisions are created and enforced at the local level, based on existing chapter bylaws. These must be in compliance with NEHS policies and the NEHS Constitution. If you have a concern, first contact your chapter adviser and school principal to address your concern.

While the national office does investigate issues of noncompliance with national policies, the national office cannot hear appeals for students not selected for membership or who have been dismissed from membership.

Matters of Concern for the National Office

Occasionally, there may be local policy and procedure matters that cause you concern. The national office will investigate complaints involving a chapter’s alleged noncompliance with the NEHS National Constitution or policies. Your first step, however, must be to contact your chapter adviser or principal. Complaints will not be considered without evidence of this contact.

We offer the following resources to assist you in voicing your concerns: