Chapter Affiliation FAQ

If our school hasn’t paid our affiliation fee, is there any way we can order NEHS materials for our induction ceremony?
No, though if you pay your fee immediately, use a credit card, and contact our membership department, we may be able to accelerate the renewal process.

How long does it take for affiliation payments to be processed?
4-6 weeks, though we try to accelerate the process whenever possible.

How do I ensure that our school’s affiliation stays active?
Renew on time! Affiliation expires June 30 every year. Invoices for renewal are sent to active chapters in March or April.

How much is the annual affiliation fee?
The annual affiliation fee is $84.

How do I establish an NEHS chapter at my school?
Visit our Start a Chapter page for full instructions on how to establish an NEHS chapter at your school.

If my principal has an NASSP membership, is my school automatically affiliated with NEHS?
No. NASSP membership and NEHS chapter affiliation are entirely separate.

What is NASSP’s relationship to NEHS chapters?
Since 1921, the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) has been the proud sponsor of the National Honor Society, parent organization of NEHS. NASSP  founded NEHS in 2008 in partnership with the National Association of Elementary School Principals Foundation. Many school principals have personal memberships with NASSP, but a school’s NEHS chapter affiliation and an administrator’s NASSP principal membership are in no way connected.

Do all NEHS chapters have to be affiliated with the national office?
Yes. Per the NEHS Constitution, annual affiliation with the national office is required for your established school chapter to continue to recognize students through inductions into the Honor Society.

How do I notify NEHS that the primary adviser of the NEHS chapter at my school has changed?
Complete the Adviser Change Form.