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Start an NEHS chapter now and benefit all year long.

The National Elementary Honor Society gives your students every opportunity to build a strong foundation for their academic future. Starting a chapter motivates your entire school, from the older students who are inducted to the younger students who look up to NEHS members as role models. All students are introduced to scholarship, responsibility, service, and leadership in a powerful way that complements and supports the ideals your teachers are working to instill in class.

Your membership also welcomes Watson, the lovable NEHS mascot. But this bear isn’t just adorable—Watson helps change your school. He brings with him lesson plans to advance literacy and promote near-peer learning and leadership. Every lesson plan is carefully aligned with English Language Arts standards as well as age-appropriate standards set by the American School Counselors Association.

NEHS membership is an extraordinary honor for young students, giving them the opportunity to feel accomplished and motivated at an early age. Maximize your students’ potential by affording them the opportunity to be a part of the legacy of the National Honor Societies today!