2020 Award Recipients

Ann Stiles

Mission Intermediate Grade Center
Coweta, OK

NASSP is pleased to announce the selection of Ann Stiles of Mission Intermediate Grade Center, Coweta, OK, as one of this year’s National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) Advisers of the Year.

When asked about her experience as an NEHS adviser, Ms. Stiles said, “Every teacher’s goal is to nurture future leaders to serve in various capacities across our society. Being an NEHS adviser has afforded me the opportunity to take that goal to the next level. It has been extremely rewarding and an honor to be involved in the leadership and service building process at Mission Intermediate Grade Center these past eight years. Now, more than ever, programs such as NEHS are needed and I am grateful to be a part of an organization which shapes the leaders we will need.”

Ms. Stiles was nominated for this award by her school principal Ms. Gentry Pierce and NEHS member Rose*. In addition to the outstanding NEHS chapter activities, such as the chapter’s Math Game Night and School Playground Improvement, Ms. Pierce highlights Ms. Stiles’ “tremendous” impact on the students at Mission Intermediate: “Her desire to reach children is evident in her creative lessons. Ann has a big heart with a love for teaching and students, and every day she shares that with the children and staff.”

Ms. Stiles’ reach doesn’t stop at the students. Among her recognitions, she was selected as Teacher of the Year by school staff, which is a reflection of the rapport she has with her fellow teachers. Of her relationship with her peers, Ms. Pierce says, “Her team knows they can count on her to carry her load and still have the heart to help others on the team and contribute to the whole staff.”

As an NEHS adviser, “She pours her heart and time into the NEHS students and truly desire to teach them all she can about service, leadership, responsibility, and scholarship,” Ms. Pierce said. Rose called her “one of the best advisers I could ask for.”

For her work and commitment to education and student leadership, which are reflective of the commitment of all Honor Society advisers, NASSP and NEHS are pleased to recognize Ann Stiles as one of our NEHS Advisers of the Year.

* NEHS student member last names were redacted for privacy.

Jameka Williams

Bay Lake Elementary School
Windermere, FL

Jameka Williams of Bay Lake Elementary School, Windermere, FL, has been selected as one of this year’s National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) Advisers of the Year for her commitment to the pillars of NEHS and dedication to student leadership.

She has served as an NEHS adviser for the past four years, during which she received the Teacher of the Year Award in 2016 and Volunteer of the Year recognition.

In addition to leading chapter members in numerous service activities including food drives and hurricane relief, under her leadership the chapter placed third in their district’s Green School Award program and received a $2,500 grant. She also balances her personal educational goals with her instructional role and community involvement by pursuing a degree in educational leadership.

Her principal, Myrlene J. Kimble, described her as “one of our profession’s finest.” She is a valued member of the instructional staff at the school, serving as a team leader for the fourth grade and working with her professional learning community to monitor student data. Ms. Kimble credits Ms. Williams’ influence in helping to establish the culture in their new school building.

NEHS member Isabela* spoke to Ms. Williams’ leadership in developing service project ideas for the chapter that are both fun and impactful. Ms. Williams provides chapter members with the opportunity to collaborate with one another on service projects during a dedicated meeting time. Isabela concluded her letter by saying, “Ms. Williams is the best NEHS leader in the world.”

We are grateful to Ms. Kimble and the administration at Bay Lake Elementary School for their support of NEHS and for nominating Ms. Jameka Williams for this recognition.
Congratulations from NEHS and NASSP!

* NEHS student member last names were redacted for privacy.