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Create a foundation of caring and service with the National Elementary Honor Society.

As part of the National Honor Societies, the National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) is the beginning of a long-standing legacy of service, leadership, and caring. An NEHS chapter at your school not only allows your young learners to develop foundational skills at a critical age, but it also places them on the path for lifelong success as a member of the Honor Society family.

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Included With Your Membership

  • Adviser Support

    Adviser Support

    Get a dedicated team to answer questions and resources to run your chapter.

  • Watson Lesson Plans

    Watson Lesson Plans

    Access age-appropriate literacy exercises and lesson plans.

  • Chapter Recognition

    Chapter Recognition

    Bring recognition to your chapter on a national scale with Adviser of the Year and Outstanding Service Project awards.

  • Print and Digital Publications

    Print and Digital Publications

    Stay up to date with the quarterly NEHS News and NEHS E-News.

  • National Student Project Database

    National Student Project Database

    Search 8,700+ service project ideas.

Start an NEHS chapter at your school by April 30, 2020, and we’ll extend your annual membership through June 30, 2021, at no additional cost.
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  • NEHS is a wonderful organization. Personally, I love the community service exposure students receive and how they get to experience these opportunities firsthand at such a young age.
  • Being a member of the NEHS has had an inspirational impact on students who have not yet met this goal. While our school is in a gifted/talented environment, membership in the NEHS has raised the bar for many students.
  • I enjoy being involved in the community and being able to guide my students in enrichment activities that help build good character and strengthen their love for service.

Three Steps to Join

  • 1


    Explore to learn more about what is expected of an NEHS chapter, and start to consider which faculty member will become the chapter adviser.

  • 2


    Mail in the enclosed application or apply online at the URL listed above. The annual fee is $84.

  • 3


    Once you’re approved, you’ll receive welcome materials and instant access to the NEHS Handbook and member-only sections of the NEHS website.


What will I get when our school becomes affiliated with NEHS?

With a new NEHS chapter, you will receive a welcome package from the national office that contains a certificate of affiliation. You will also have access to the following resources for administering the NEHS recognition program:

  • Adviser Resource Center with step-by-step guidelines, templates for bylaws and communications, handbooks, and comprehensive policy guidance
  • National Customer Care Center and Programs and Services Team, available 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. (ET) at 703-860-0200 and [email protected]
  • Access to the NEHS Store
  • Principal and adviser quarterly communications

We are establishing a new NEHS chapter. How do we get started?

Once you join NEHS, your adviser will have access to several resources that will help kick-start your new chapter. In the Adviser Resource Center, you will find a section for “New Chapters & New Advisers” that includes sample bylaws, chapter organization tips, the member handbook, and more. Your adviser will also receive a welcome series of emails that will introduce them to all that NEHS has to offer.

What are the benefits of NEHS for students?

NEHS membership is an extraordinary honor for young students that gives them the opportunity to feel accomplished and motivated. This unique opportunity can build their self-esteem and maximize their potential to demonstrate lifelong leadership. NEHS introduces the values of responsibility and service-mindedness to students at a critical age through the four pillars of the NEHS program: scholarship, service, responsibility, and leadership. In addition to maintaining a record of academic excellence, NEHS students are called to positively impact their school and community through service projects. NEHS provides resources that advisers can pass along to their students, including project ideas from the National Student Project Database, fundraising guidelines and templates, and project planning tips and tools.


With a National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) affiliation, you motivate your young learners and give them a sense of honor and accomplishment—building a strong foundation for their futures.
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