Cultivate a Culture of Caring With National Elementary Honor Society

The National Honor Societies are well known for recognizing outstanding students. What’s not quite as well known is that this tradition can begin as early as grades 4–6, with the National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS). By introducing ambitious young minds to the pillars of scholarship, responsibility, service, and leadership, NEHS helps to create a safe and respectful learning environment for everyone in the school. Discover how this program supports school counselors in cultivating a culture of caring and can help your students develop the attitudes and habits necessary to become healthy, confident learners.

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Build a Strong Foundation for the Future on Four Key Pillars

NEHS promotes a positive school climate and places ambitious young students on a strong trajectory by introducing the pillars of scholarship, responsibility, service, and leadership early on. Through exploration of each pillar, members learn many of the lessons you aim to teach as a counselor, including the importance of personal responsibility and giving back to the community.

NEHS Charitable Funding Infographic

Create Future Student Leaders

When you adopt the NEHS program, you give students a springboard to leadership and success throughout their academic careers. Younger students also look up to your budding leaders, motivating your entire student body and uplifting your school culture.

Sample Content from the National Honor Societies

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Virtual Spirit Wednesdays

EAGLE College Prep—South Mountain, Phoenix, AZ

“Traditionally, the EAGLE College Prep-South Mountain NEHS chapter sponsors Spirit Wednesdays or Spirit Week upon the completion of the state testing period in April. This year, since there was no state testing and no on-site school, we decided to go virtual with our Spirit Wednesdays. Students were encouraged to dress up according to theme and post photos on our Facebook page. There were many participants, and it was a fun way to continue a tradition. This year’s themes were: Disney/Marvel/Star Wars; Break Out Your Halloween/Crazy Costume; Be A Twin with a Celebrity; Pajama Day; Sports Team.”

Open House Bake Sale

Our Lady of Fatima School
Jackson Heights, NY

“Our chapter ran a bake sale as part of our yearly Open House celebration. This was also done to raise money for our 6th graders who receive scholarships at the end of the year. Many of our members were active in the opportunities they were given. Some students took the time to bake cookies, cupcakes, and other treats to sell to visiting families as well as members of our school community. Other students volunteered their time to help organize and run the booth during the Open House event. We sold treats for two and a half hours on a Sunday afternoon, students showed responsibility in making change, adding totals, and providing friendly service to guests. On the Monday that followed, some of our sixth graders took the reins and sold the remaining treats during the lunch periods that day, as it was benefitting their grade’s scholarships. We raised around $200 for the scholarships.”

From instilling an appreciation for the value of service to nurturing students’ developing leadership skills, the lessons learned in NEHS will last a lifetime.

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