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FAQ for Parents

How can I get my child's school to set up an NEHS chapter?

  • Talk to the school principal. The decision is his or hers to make, particularly since hosting a chapter involves time from staff and resources from the school.
  • Share information from this site in your meeting.
  • Print out and bring along the “Starting a Chapter” documents from
  • Include other parents who will be available to support new chapter activities.
  • Prepare a rationale regarding why this would be a valuable addition to the overall school program and how NEHS can support the current school goals and those of the school system. Suggest some sources of funding for the costs involved in chartering and then maintaining the chapter (fundraising activities, community organizations, etc.).

My child is busy -- why should he/she get involved with NEHS?

Involvement in school and community activities is important for the well-rounded development of every young student, and participation in NEHS will benefit your child in many ways. NEHS will reinforce the value of education, leadership, and responsibility, and surround him/her with a solid group of like-minded peers.

For many years, NASSP and NAESP, parent organizations for NEHS, have sponsored student organizations (student activities) in schools. In its position statement on the value of these student activities, NASSP has stated, “Student activities [like NEHS] are integral to an education, providing opportunities for all students that support and extend academic learning.” NEHS, with your support, creates this potential for your student and your school. We hope you will become a supportive part of the new chapter.

If my child is in NEHS, will he/she automatically move into NJHS when they enter middle school?

  • No. Fundamentally, the three honor societies (NEHS, the National Junior Honor Society, and the National Honor Society) operate as separate and unique organizations.
  • While participation in activities of NEHS can be viewed as valuable in preparing any student for future Honor Society memberships, membership in any one Honor Society does not, and cannot guarantee selection at the next level. Students earn recognition at each level by demonstrating that they meet the selection criteria at each phase of their education.
  • Collaboration among the three organizations will be encouraged among schools sponsoring these chapters at the local level.
  • With the creation of NEHS at the elementary level, there is now a continuum of excellence recognizing the nation’s outstanding students throughout their K-12 education experience.

What will students have to show that they are members of NEHS?

Each NEHS chapter may recognize student membership differently. The NEHS store will have pins, certificates, membership cards, and apparel, including pieces customized for your school (sales to chapters beginning July 1, 2008). Talk to the chapter adviser about how members will be recognized at your school.

Can home-schooled students become members of NEHS?

Homeschool students who maintain part-time enrollment in a local school that has an NEHS chapter can be eligible as long as they can successfully complete the selection process. Students who are home-schooled full-time and not enrolled in a school with a charter are not eligible for membership.

What can parents do to support an NEHS chapter?

First, parents can do what you do best – support and motivate your child. Then, once he or she is selected as a member, encourage participation in all chapter activities. While there is no formal role for parents in chapter activities, there are opportunities available. Offer to chaperon chapter activities or ask the chapter adviser if there is any other support you can provide.

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