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Using the mission and purposes of NEHS, we present ten essential resources for all chapters. The programs and organizations referenced come with excellent credentials and endorsements from the organizers of NEHS, NASSP and NAESP.

Schools generally, and NEHS chapters specifically promote achievement in four major areas: Academics, Activities, Arts, and Athletics. Let’s consider how the NEHS chapter in your building can increase the impact of these aspects of education for all students in your school through the use of ten key resources currently available for your school and chapter.

  • In Academics, Emphasis on English and Social Studies: Reading, writing, and understanding (comprehension); and on Math and Science: Reasoning, problem solving, and experimentation—a focus on the four core subjects of academia. To support Academics, the school can promote:
    • The Presidential Educational Awards Program (PEAP)
    • Special chapter projects recognizing the achievements of students appearing on the local honor roll, those who do well in state testing programs, along with those who demonstrate improvement or expertise in the four core subjects.
  • In Activities, Chapters can support activities that promote involvement in Student Council as well as Citizenship education, including membership in the American Student Council Association (ASCA) which serves as a collaborating organization for citizenship projects with NEHS
    • Other Clubs and Organizations at school and in the community can be presented as opportunities for NEHS members to become involved, explore interests, become leaders, and to provide service. NEHS can help build awareness of all school activities and the positive impact of getting involved.
    • In addition to involvement with ASCA, the chapter can promote the awarding of the American Citizenship Awards
    • Numerous community organizations support citizenship education and civic action and could be linked to the chapter through projects at school and in the community. Among those to consider involving are: American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, and other organizations unique to your community.
  • In the Arts, Emphasis can be placed on finding a creative outlet in either Visual/Fine Arts or Music and Performing Arts.
    • For schools that are members of the National PTA structure, NEHS can promote the "Reflections" competition from NPTA.
    • Attendance at and support for performances and shows undertaken by arts classes and students can be incorporated into the planning calendar for the chapter.
  • In Athletics, Chapters can promote Wellness among members and the entire school.
    • Participation in sports activities can be encouraged.
    • Healthy lifestyles can be promoted.
    • The President’s Challenge for physical fitness can be promoted for the chapter.

    With an NEHS chapter, schools can also focus on the following four key elements:


  • Networks: Building and maintaining strong networks for and with students is a goal of the NEHS—one that is promoted for all local chapters and facilitated by the resources of the national office. The Web site,, serves as a key connection to networks for all chapters.
  • Excellence: Raising the bar for success in all aspects of a student’s education. Recognizing and promoting educational excellence is at the heart of the Honor Society’s mission and the missions of the sponsoring organizations, NAESP and NASSP.
  • Service: Helping students become a positive influence in school and the community and expanding opportunities for recognizing student-initiated service activities:
  • Wellness: Emphasizing physical, emotional, and overall health and well-being; Looking at the Whole Child takes into consideration all aspects of wellness. Eating, Exercise, and Esteem: Healthy appetites, healthy programs of physical exercise, and building a strong sense of self-esteem can all be promoted through your NEHS chapter.

The nation’s elementary schools are choosing to set a new course on a dramatic voyage of student recognition and involvement by chartering a chapter of the National Elementary School Honor Society.



  • NEHS and America's Promise
    Service-learning activities are an essential component for all NEHS chapters helping your students see the value in making the world a better place.
  • Online Newsletters
    Online newsletters provide free links to news and resources from important organizations around the nation. Here's a collection of sites with free newsletters to help you and your NEHS chapter grow and stay connected.
  • A Purposeful Year
    As we begin the school year, we invite NEHS advisers and principals to review the Purposes of NEHS as outlined in Article I of the NEHS constitution. This is essential for all new chapters, but important as well for long-standing chapters to be certain that the chapter is moving in the right direction.
  • NEHS Resources to Maintain Chapter and School Spirit
    All chapters are mailed a copy of the NEHS Catalog each fall containing all of the official insignia items, apparel, and publications offered to you through the national office. Here, we highlight a few of the items that we think will assist you in keeping your members focused on NEHS for the year.

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