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Featured below are links to several profiles of NEHS chapters including stories of students engaged in chapter projects. These are offered to give all chapters, both new and old, an idea of what their fellow chapters are doing around the nation.

We are interested in featuring your chapter as well. Text for profiles can be between 100 and 250 words in length. It is always helpful to include data regarding the size of your chapter, and the number of students enrolled in your school. Please include the name and e-mail of either the chapter adviser or principal along with the school name, address, and phone at the end of the article (we won’t include this information in the published profile, but it is needed in case questions arise).

Photos are welcome to help illustrate your profile; copies of digital files are preferred. For assistance in selecting photos to send, please consult the NEHS Photography Guide. Importantly, please be sure you have obtained permission ahead of time to send and use any images of your students and staff.

Text and photo files can be emailed to with “Chapter Profile” in the subject line. We look forward to receiving your profile in the future.


Trace Crossings Elementary, Alabama
Holton Elementary, Michigan
East Meadows Elementary, Utah
Cameron Elementary, Virginia



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