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Chapter Management

Between the purposes for all chapters outlined in Article 1 of the National Constitution and the duties of the chapter adviser outlined in Article 5, a variety of projects and activities require managing throughout the year.

Here you'll find information about everything from induction ceremonies to public relations.

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  • Photography Guidelines for Honor Society Chapters
    Photos enhance the message of every article published and every Web page created. Here are some guidelines to help you take better photos for your chapter, and to provide guidance when submitting them to the national office to promote your student leaders.
  • Meetings
    A review of the purposes that meetings can serve, sample agendas and practice scripts for student leaders, resources on parliamentary procedure, and ideas for making your chapter meetings meaningful.
  • Induction Ceremonies
    Includes a sample script and information on all aspects of planning and implementing your local ceremony to recognize new members.
  • Member Handbooks
    An outline of what you can include in an organizational tool for the members of your chapter. A sample Chapter Calendar is outlined in this section.
  • Public Relations
    How to build and maintain an effective public relations plan for your chapter and all of the good work you do. You'll also find the Press Room for the media here.
  • Project Planning
    All chapters will undertake projects to provide service, develop leadership skills, and more. Learn and share some of the basics for project planning.

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